Third Party Fundraising


The Gainesville Fisher House Foundation's goal is to raise funds to benefit the active military, veterans and their families that will be served by the North Florida/South Georgia Fisher House and future services to this institution. All fundraising must be conducted in a manner consistent with this mission.

We are very grateful to those who are willing to support our work by helping us raise funds and other resources. This policy explains how the Gainesville Fisher House Foundation will affiliate with its fundraising activities, how its name and logo may be used, and how these activities may involve its volunteers, board members, employees of the Fisher House, donors, and the people it serves.

Generally, the Gainesville Fisher House Foundation requires that proposals be submitted in writing at least 30 days prior to the event, on the attached form. Proposals will be reviewed and determinations made by a panel of Board Members of the Gainesville Fisher House Foundation. Your organization will additionally sign a Hold Harmless Agreement with the Gainesville Fisher House Foundation.


The Gainesville Fisher House wants those planning fundraising events and activities to be familiar with our mission. We will only affiliate with partners whose values are consistent with our own. Our organization will gladly provide you with additional information about our goals.

  • We will not accept funding for purposes inconsistent with our mission, or with unduly burdensome or restrictive limitations on use of funds.
  • We will never compromise the privacy of our donors or the dignity and privacy of the families we serve. We require outside fundraisers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in planning and carrying out such activities. This will be consistent with all Federal laws and accounting practices necessary for the IRS as well as the State of Florida.
  • The entity applying for or granted the fundraising event must also provide liability insurance for and be solely liable for its event, holding the Gainesville Fisher House Foundation harmless.
  • The fundraising activity/event shall be conducted in the fundraiser's name and is the sole responsibility of the fundraiser. The Gainesville Fisher House Foundation cannot take a coordination role in any of these activities and its officers cannot assist in soliciting prizes, organizing publicity or providing goods or services to assist the fundraiser in the running of the fundraising activity/event.
  • The fundraising organization must adhere to all laws involving raffles, offers, rides or any other activity.
  • All fundraising activities must be of a legal nature with the safety of the public and all attendees held in the utmost regard.
  • If you would like to request that a representative from the Gainesville Fisher House Foundation (GFHF) attend your activity, or play a part in the proceedings, please advise GFHF to allow enough time for GFHF to source the most appropriate representative for your function/event.
Media Usage
  • GFHF would be more than happy to discuss any ideas you may have for media materials or releases. Prior clearance must be obtained from GFHF before contacting any media in relation to GFHF, or the use of our name and its mission for the fundraiser.
  • All printed material, including media releases, must by approved by GFHF. Printed material must be forwarded to GFHF for approval prior to being printed or circulated.


  • The privacy of our donors is very important to the Foundation. Under no circumstances will we provide our mailing list or any portion of it to anyone outside of our organization. We may, after consideration of the factors set out in this policy, provide notice of an event or fundraiser to our supporters through selective use of our mailing list or our newsletter. Organizers should not expect the Gainesville Fisher House to solicit our existing sponsors or other donors to support their event.
  • We also care about the privacy and dignity of the families we serve. Any guest, or personal stories, identities or images will be arranged by the GFHF, with full disclosure to the individuals involved or to their parents or guardians, and only with their written permission. Any such participation must be tasteful, respectful to the individual, and not exploitative, in the sole discretion of our board. Our policy does not allow individual compensation for appearing in our fundraising efforts.


If the Gainesville Fisher House endorses a fundraising activity, it will allow the use of its name and logo in connection with that activity. This includes specifically the display of signage with our name or logo, promotional literature with our logo, and language in media announcements that read:

  • Proceeds of an event "are for the benefit of the Gainesville Fisher House Foundation". Any such uses must be approved by the Gainesville Fisher House Foundation board panel prior to being released to the public, and they must be tasteful and consistent with our mission and values, in our sole discretion. Permission to use our identity is a temporary license and will end with the activity.
  • Fundraisers are not authorized to use the national Fisher House logo. This is authorized only to the Gainesville Fisher House Foundation. Logos and materials must carry the name Gainesville Fisher House Foundation.
  • No "for sale" materials such as T-shirts, programs, brochures, hats etc. will be produced without express permission of the Gainesville Fisher House Foundation. Any merchandise sold at events will be included as donation items and all monies on such items will be considered as proceeds.


We will ask in advance about your expectations of us in planning, publicizing, attending, and otherwise working with you on your proposed event or activity. In deciding to affiliate with your activity we will consider whether we can meet your expectations of our involvement and whether the time and resources needed from us are proportional to the potential positive impact of the event on Gainesville Fisher House Foundation and the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center Fisher House and the guests it serves.


Before agreeing to affiliate with a particular fundraising activity, GFHF will need to be fully apprised of the way that proceeds and expenses from the event will be handled. We reserve the right to review the finances of an event for compliance with IRS regulations, other applicable laws, and these guidelines. In addition, we will also work with you on a mutually agreed time-table for our receipt of the funds.

Financial Aspects of Your Event
  • It is a requirement of the GFHF that the fundraiser (person or organization raising funds) maintains accurate records of income and expenditure and that monies received in the course of a fundraising appeal be paid according to the expedient time table agreed upon or to a legal intermediary.
  • Each Fundraising organization must have at least three persons who will sign off on the accounting records of the event assuring that all expenses are justified and that the monies are properly reconciled.
  • The financial aspects, fundraising, raffles, record keeping and management of the fundraising activity/event are entirely the responsibility of the Fundraiser. The Fundraiser must comply with any obligations imposed on it by the regulations and laws in his/her relevant state and all Federal laws.
  • All names and addresses of donors should be kept for tax purposes and receipts. All checks as donation should be made directly to the Gainesville Fisher House Foundation.